Content Design

Why You Need Content Design

Content that doesn’t meet your user’s needs gets ignored and is left unconsumed, wasting time and valuable resources.  

However, content specifically designed to get the attention of your consumer is the beginning of a customer journey that ends with a loyal buyer.



Content Design Starts with Data

Your content must be driven by data derived from researching customer behaviors, thoughts, feelings, and actions.

This is much more effective than basing content off a generic buyer persona. After all, buying decisions occur in real time with real people and involve many touchpoints.  

How Content Design Impacts Your Lead Generation

You know their need. Customers want to consume content that specifically speaks to them. Great content design isn’t about your company. It’s about your buyer: their needs, their concerns, their pain points, and how you can resolve them. Anything less than that will get ignored. Relevant research can uncover how a buyer expresses a need and guide you in producing the kind of content that will help satisfy that need.

You know how to speak to their need. Research can give you the exact language your ideal customer uses to describe their need. This often involves an emotional component. Content that is produced with your buyer’s own words – along with the appropriate empathic tone – will resonate with them more quickly and on a deeper level. Messages that connect will incentivize an action.

You know where to find them. Research enables us to find the right channels our ideal customer is using so we can get our message to them exactly where they’re looking. Whether your customer’s journey contains several contact points or only a few, it’s imperative you’re at these points at the right time. Doing so will strengthen both your message and your position.