Lifecycle Marketing


Who You Are Charting Your Course Toward

Choosing exactly who you want to attract is foundational to your entire marketing strategy. It lays the groundwork for the messaging, media channels and other strategic tools that will make up your campaign. Knowing the underlying motivations that drive your ideal customers’ buying decisions will help you speak their language and present yourself as the best option. 

Keep the Course Focused

The tendency to define your targeted customer too broadly is a strong one. You may understandably fear missing out on potential leads by targeting a smaller audience. But not narrowing down your ideal audience will only lead to allocating resources to the wrong areas and focusing on the wrong prospects who will never become customers.


What Your Course Looks Like

You must determine the differentiating factor that defines you and asserts you as the best solution for your customer. This value proposition – what your targeted customer will gain by choosing you – will drive many of your lead generation efforts in the form of content delivered and media channels used.

What Keeps You on Track

Your biggest challenge in successfully generating leads is the compass you use to stay on course. How will you know if you’re headed in the right direction? Do you need to shift and change course? Is it possible that allowing for more time will show you’re still on track, or are you wasting more money?

Using metrics as your compass will eliminate the uncertainty. The right metrics will provide an accurate reading of incoming data to determine if your resources are taking you where you want to go so you can navigate accordingly.


How You Get Them to Decide

It’s a big problem for many companies. Your sales funnel is flowing with ideal customers, but you need to nudge them off the fence.  You need to figure out how to engage them, nurture them, and convince them you’re the best option available – right now.

With information overload, there’s a marketing principle that asserts prospects need to engage with a brand’s message multiple times before they can build trust and make a buying decision. The value of your content and the timing of that delivered content is imperative to moving your prospects along your sales cycle to finally lead them to a purchase decision.


Know Why Your Leads Aren’t Converting

Many companies have two or more internal departments pursuing the same goal: gain more customers. Yet objectives, efforts, and procedures between these groups are often misaligned. Crucial information that could benefit another group is kept in a vacuum. Not aligning and streamlining crucial marketing and sales activities will stop a sales conversion strategy dead in its tracks.

Companies must understand how imperative it is to connect these departments and keep communication lines open and essential data flowing between them. Implementing the right business intelligence and marketing tools will increase the efficiency and cost effectiveness of all strategies and ensure resources are used to maximum impact.


When You Should Reach Out to Them

Companies need continual interaction with clients to keep them loyal and make them advocates for the brand. In fact, the value of an actual customer is greater than trying to gain new prospects. Think bird in the hand. Once someone has made a buying decision with you, it’s highly probable they will do it again.

Yet companies often miss out on this crucial step in the customer journey. Customers are either ignored or have irrelevant messages thrown at them whenever the business is trying to sell something else. Well-timed, automated messaging systems that continue to supply customers with relevant value is essential for maintaining a life-long advocate.

Loyalty programs are a key component of customer retention. Our LifeCycle Marketing Loyalty Mapping Strategy can help you chart out an effective loyalty program that is set against industry benchmarks so your communication design and workflow will retain clients and bring in new ones.


Referrals are gold. Word of mouth through personal interaction, social media and product/service reviews is stronger than any other form of lead generation you can execute. Implement a strong LifeCycle Marketing strategy that accounts for the buyer every step of the way and referrals will become a common occurrence.